Car Tinting Dos & Don'ts

Car Tinting Dos & Don'ts

Have just bought a new car in Dubai, UAE? Do you want to add value to its personality?


Window tinting could be the best thing you can opt for. Many young car owners in this part of the world want to customize the personality of their car in this part of the world.


Car tinting services are proving to be the most affordable option for them.


What is the Reason 


Young car owners in Dubai, UAE, love it For many reasons. For example:

  • Preservation of your car's interior effectively against UV rays.

  • Helps reduce the chances of accidents for your safety.

  • Helps make car driving a positive experience.

  • Improves the mileage of your car by manifolds.

  • Adds a new value to the outer personality of your car.

  • The level of your privacy inside your car multiplies by manifolds.

  • Effective protection against damaged windshields.

  • The temperature inside your car remains cool.

  • The possibility of damage from hail is reduced by manifolds.

  • Offers more safety for your children.

  • Energy saving.

  • Resale value of your car goes up.


This is merely the tip of the iceberg. The list does not end here only. But every coin has its flip side too. A new car owner like you must know about that too. We suggest you avoid some mistakes that many new car owners usually commit.

The Car Tinting Mistakes You Should Avoid:


Given below is the list of some mistakes that you must avoid:

  • Accepting extremely high quotes.

  • Accepting extremely low quotes.

  • Not looking for warranty.

  • Contracting an inexperienced car tinter.

  • Unfamiliarity with local tint laws.

  • Not getting the windows cleaned.

  • Opting for too dark film.

  • Not taking drying precautions into consideration.

  • Settling for a cheap film.

  • Attempting DIY instead of hiring a professional car tinter.


This is not the end. A new car owner like you must know one more key thing. It will help you know that you have messed up. You will be able to take the right decision.

Signs That Your Window Tinting Has Gone Horrible:

  • Easily seen gap and uneven lines between the film and window badge.

  • The window of your car turns purple.

  • Development of bubbles.

  • The film fails to stick to the dit matrix.

  • You will notice many gaps and bubbles nearby defroster bars.

  • Heat enters your car to increase the temperature.

  • You will notice cracks and peels on the windows.


We suggest you don't make these blunders. Instead, get in touch with a professional to improve the personality of your best friend on the road. You can hire the best car tinter in Dubai, UAE, through Mobility 247.


The team at Mobility 247 is fully committed to bringing the best car tinting services to your disposal in Dubai, UAE.


Just download the app, sign in to your account, place your request a,nd our team of experienced and certified car tinters in Dubai, UAE, will ring your doorbell in no time.


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